Majestik Design is offering a wide range of services from the first design idea to delivering final products. We are adapting each step depending on the development of your projects so we can help only for the design, for the prototyping, or for the production … or from start to finish.

It all starts with an idea, your idea.

The concept design phase is to identify the key elements of your idea so we can give a professional opinion from a design, engineering and manufacturing perspective.

We are here to offer and show you the best ways to turn your ideas into reality.

Our core skill is product design where we combine creativity, design, aesthetic and ergonomy with our knowledge in engineering and manufacturing. We believe in the importance of being able to manufacture the product when we design it, we think it’s way more important than a pretty 3D render.

With our engineering background working for Airbus and years of experience through Majestik Design, we mix different field knowledge to bring the best profitable options for your products. Attention to detail, material selection, manufacturing process, efficient assembly and easy maintenance are our main focus during the development process.

Our experience in the industry has given us the ability to do the graphic design on products but most important to integrate the graphic into the product design will all the manufacturing processes and restrictions that we know. This give us a more accurate finish products to what was specified at the beginning. Knowing the limitations is also a way to find a different path early into the process to avoid expensive costs and unfinished looking products.

Impossible these days to do without computers. We have invested a lot into our equipment with high performance work stations but also into our constant training with new softwares.

We are always trying to use the latest technology available to design your ideas in 3D. It allows us a lot of quick iteration between versions and keep track of the design process. We can do advanced engineering simulation, like fluid dynamics or mechanical simulation. We can also integrate the material properties, graphic designs, assembly with other components.

The market softwares are not always designed for our needs so we also develop our own software to design certain tasks.

We have a in house 3D software for designing fins and foils accurately and a tool to export for moulding or machining.

Prototyping and 3D printing has been a big time and money saver when it comes to manufacturing. By quickly being able to check and validate products options, we can remove the majority of the production issues. It’s quick but also it saves a lot of money when the time comes to invest in expensive molds.

We have invest in a professional 3D printer Raise3D Pro2 Plus Series to get the best quality and accuracy into prototyping.

We also work with high quality prototyping manufacturers when it requires certain design that cant be printed or that requires more strength for testing.

With our background in mechanical and electronic engineering, we have the knowledge to build specific bench test for your products

The time frame to put a product on the market are shorter and shorter, so we maximise our chance of success with extensive test processes.

Over the past 15 years, we have established strong working relationship with our manufacturing in Asia. We are always in constant search for new suppliers in different fields and we take the time to audit them to ensure the best quality and efficiency possible.

Project delivery is our constant goal. Making sure that the products are made up to your specification but also on time. We are managing all our projects ourselves with daily contact with our suppliers.

It’s also an exciting time for your brands to final reveal your ideas through a high quality product.